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Stoned Monkey VHF ARC

The Stoned Monkeys are a group of VHF contesters based in northeastern Illinois on the borders of Lake and McHenry counties.

The name of the club comes from an incident during the June 2000 VHF QSO Party where one of the founding members unwittingly infected several computers used for logging with the Stoned Monkey computer virus. That's right folks - more than ten years later and he still hasn't lived that one down!

N9UHF was on the air for June VHF, and our members are planning some rover efforts for September VHF 2013. Next up is "Da Second Week of Nerd Camp" for November Phone Sweeps, then out in the cold for January VHF.

We all hope to put as many of you in the log as possible, good luck to all. Hope to see you on the bands! 73 de N9UHF